How To Get The Most From Your How To Hear God Coaching Guide

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How To Get The Most From Your How To Hear God Coaching Guide

A few fundamentals:

God loves you:

  • He is interested in every aspect of your life
  • He has a plan for your life
  • He has an answer for every need and problem you face
  • God will tell you what you need to know. He won’t always tell you all you want to know.

God will help you to do anything He asks you to do.

Anybody can communicate with God, anytime, anywhere.

God loves to talk to His children and He wants YOU to be able to hear His voice clearly and accurately. God speaks clearly and He wants you to be able to understand Him.

He doesn’t have favourites.

Your heavenly Father wants to be involved in your everyday life and speak to you about your day to day activities. He wants to talk with you about the big things AND the little things. God always intended hearing Him to be part of your everyday life.

He created you with eyes to see and ears to hear. In other words, God created you with a natural ability to hear Him because He wants to communicate with you.

At this point you may be asking,

If God really created me with the ability to hear His voice, why don’t I hear Him?

There is a simple answer, you do have the ability to hear God’s voice, but you haven’t yet learned how to use it. Babies have the ability to walk, but they aren’t born walking, they don’t walk until they are taught how to walk through a process of trial and error.

You have the ability to hear your Father’s voice but you need to go through a learning process to recognize His voice.

The How To Hear God coaching guide explores some of the ways God uses to communicate with you.

Part of the goal of my coaching guide is to help you recognize where God has already been speaking to you and help you discover that you have already been hearing God to a measure.

My prayer is that my guide this will both encourage and motivate you to want to hear Him more clearly and accurately, more of the time.

Two people who have been in love for years can easily pick up the sound of their partner’s voice even in a crowd. It comes from years of intimacy, of knowing each other’s voice so deeply that other sounds can’t drown it out. In the same way, the more time you spend listening to God, the clearer His voice will become.

When you are learning to do something you are likely to make mistakes, you grow through your mistakes. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and know that God will work around and through your honest mistakes. He works everything together for good for those who love Him. God’s ability to communicate with you is much greater than your ability to make mistakes.

He has many different ways of communicating. I invite you to take an inventory how many of God’s ways of speaking you have already experienced.

Here is a quick list to remind you.

An inner voice

An inner witness of the Holy Spirit

Inspired thought






Conviction of the Holy Spirit

His peace


Mental pictures

Physical senses


The heavens

Symbolic language

Other people


Events in the secular world





Apparent coincidences


His written word

Portions of scripture quickened to you for specific situations



I recommend that you keep a journal and record your journey with God. Value what God says enough to record it and you’ll soon discover that God really is speaking to you all the time and in many different ways.

1)   List each of the ways that you have heard God in the past.

2)   How do you usually hear God speak to you?

3)   What has God already said to you that you haven’t taken action on?

If you didn’t act on what you heard and the opportunity has passed, put it right with God.

Tell Him you’re sorry. Ask Him to forgive you, accept His forgiveness and start again.

4)   Initiate conversations with God, talk to Him about what’s happening in your life and what you’re thinking about and invite a response from Him, then simply believe that God will respond and listen to the thoughts that come.

Rest in the Lord and trust that you will hear Him, in the attitude of, “speak Lord for your servant is listening.”

Wait patiently listening for what He has to say, what He wants to reveal to you about yourself, or what He wants you to do.

5) Make communion with God your number one priority each day. How quickly you grow in hearing God is up to you. It will help if you decide that you are prepared do whatever it takes to nurture your relationship with God and learn how to hear Him speaking to you every day.

Agree with God. Say out loud,

“Lord I am one of your sheep and your word says that your sheep hear your voice. That means I can hear your voice. From this moment on I choose to believe that I do hear you speak. I choose to exercise faith and believe that you are speaking to me and that I can hear you. I will do whatever is necessary to enable me to hear you speak more clearly.”

6) What changes will you make to create an environment that supports hearing God?

Do let me know how you get on, and please help me and others by leaving a review on Amazon.

Be blessed with eyes to see and hearing ears.



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